31 março 2020

Tágide: Cadavre Exquis II

Going on a year of Tágide gatherings – a project that coordinates informal gatherings and drawing sessions for local artists, along with publication of a comics anthology, Outras Bandas – the group also has collaborated on a cadavre exquis challenge, generically titled Ossadas do Ofício/Bones of the Trade.
Lately, the impetus has diminished as we've begun to also play around with self-conclusive 'cadavre pages and such, but the goal to jumpstart the criativity and do sequential art together is still alive; here are some further chapters of Ossadas...
(english translation below)

Prestes a fazer um ano de encontros Tágide – um projecto que coordena encontros informais e sessões de desenho para artistas locais, junto com a edição da antologia Outras Bandas – o colectivo também tem colaborado a criar BDs em sistema cadavre exquis, genericamente intituladas Ossadas do Ofício. Mais recentemente, o ímpeto diminuiu à medida que começámos a brincar com pranchas auto-conclusivas e demais parcerias, mas o objectivo de despoletar a criatividade e de fazer arte sequencial juntos continua vivo; aqui ficam alguns novos capítulos do Ossadas...

Page 6: 1) Dogzooord!!! 2) Wake up, animal! 3) Nice puppy, but I don't think it'll help much. 4) I'm getting tired of this guy. Let's end this! 5) Easy, girls. I still have an ace up my sleve! 6) Since Dogzord has found you, come quietly and the Time-Judge will be understanding. 7) NEVER!!
Page 7: 1) Were we supposed to get trapped inside? No.. It was my first time using this weapon... I can't believe your still sleeping!!! 2) What a drag! I always get summoned when I'm in my bath... I have no patience for these troubles today. 3) –can't a Time-Judge take a shower, or enjoy a piece of chocolate cake? 4) Don't forget your glass of milk mr.Judge. Thank you, Time Guardian.
Page 8: 1) Do try to keep your house in order, mr. Judge! --or you'll lose more than your slice. 2) Please, Ambrosio. There's an emergency. 3) We'll take care of those two, let's go? Rufff, mr.Judge
Page 9: 1) So, what have we here, a molar? 2) Ooops. 3) But sir, these aren't the ones. Plus, she's alone. 4) What about my tooth?! 5) Ready? 6) Yes, let's go. 7) Charge!
Page 10: 1) Ugh! 2) Come on, don't stop pushing! The artefact is unstable. We have to get it away from the force field before something happens!... 3) Fheww! The “ball” will dissipate, without a battery from the artefact... 4) Ahhh, Now we're indeed confortable. I hope she doesn´t delay. I need to go to the ladies room. 5) Seriously? 6) Get out... 7) --Off the way!

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