12 setembro 2010

Mad Max sketch

Don’t know if most of you have realized it, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Mad Max saga’s end. 1985 – my first year in school – was when Mel Gibson’s iconic Max Rockatansky character last roamed the post-apocalyptic Australian outback and entered cult movie status.
Although I’m a huge fan of the trilogy, the Beyond Thunderdome movie has always been my favourite (sue me!). I’ve seen it surely over 300 times by now (usually 6-8 times per year…) and it’s the one I’d most quickly name my “guilty pleasure film”, even more so than the others – Mad Max (1978) and The Road Warrior (1980). In fact, aside all the fond memories I have from childhood, renting it at the local video club over and over, sometimes consecutively!, it’s been the subject of a thesis I wrote for a college paper. I just find the mythology and symbolism, plus subtext so compelling… In fact, if I’m such a post-apoc and last-man-on-earth genre buff, it’s very likely due to the indelible impression that George Miller’s movies had on me.

I always enjoy thinking that, in some parallel dimension, the Gulf War never happened or was delayed enough for the 4th movie to reunite Gibson with his – for my money – most acclaimed creation. The following sequels (Fury Road and Furiosa) productions is set to star British actor Tom Hardy (from Inception) as Max. Hopefully it won’t suck to badly.

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