25 julho 2019

Tágide: Cadavre Exquis I

Me and other artists have started an informal comics gathering and collectivity, called Tágide. There, in between discussing comics and sharing works, we also began a collective comic story, titled Ossadas do Ofício/Bones of the Trade, in cadavre exquis system (i.e. a chained production where every new artist improvises a continuation to the previous work, without a set script or guideline, creating a collaborative piece of work). Every participant is welcomed to pitch in and challenge the following author to find a sequential solution; it's great when new interpretations find an logical sequel, but it's better when things take a turn to the surreal and unexpected.
Although each artist only takes on half a page, either with a single panel or a strip of vignettes, the comic has been creative right from the start. The authors – for now – have been: Susana Resende, Patrícia Costa, Mário André, me, António Coelho, Nuno Dias, Shania Santos, Rui Serra e Moura, me again, and Jorge Rodrigues.
(english translation below)

Eu e outros artistas criámos um encontro informal de BD no Montijo, chamado Tágide. Ali, para além de discussões sobre BD e partilha de trabalhos, também começámos uma BD colectiva, intitulada Ossadas do Ofício, em sistema cadavre exquis (i.e. uma produção encadeada onde cada novo artista improvisa a continuação do trabalho anterior, sem guião fixo ou orientação prévia, criando-se uma obra colaborativa). Todos os frequentadores são bem-vindos a participar e a desafiar o próximo autor a pensar numa solução sequencial; é bom quando as novas interpretações descobrem uma sequela lógica, mas é melhor ainda quando a narrativa toma um caminho insólito e mirabolante.
Cada artista assume a autoria de meia-página, que pode ser ocupada por vinheta isolada ou por uma tira, e a BD tem sido bastante criativa desde o começo. Os autores – por ora – têm sido: Susana Resende, Patrícia Costa, Mário André, eu, António Coelho, Nuno Dias, Shania Santos, Rui Serra e Moura, eu de novo, e Jorge Rodrigues.

You can follow this comics' uploads at TágideBD. / Podem seguir as actualizações da BD em TágideBD.

Page1: 1) Let's hide in this century for a few moments. No one would look for us in this small town... 2) Try not to move around too much, otherwise they'll locate us through our particules trail. 3) This is inadmissible, Ms. Sansie! 4) When you hired my travel agency's services you didn't say you were being hunted! 5) Unfortunately, my mission is of vital importance, I couldn't take a chance... With any luck, we'll be on our way soon and... 6) Oh no! My bionic eye says we've got company!... 7) I can't believe it! It's the TMI agents! 8) The Time Mobility Institute! 9) On behalf of TMI, I demand that you return the artefact that you stole from the XXV century!
Page2: 1) Please! Don't hut me! 2) Trust me... I just wanted to have an experience with it! 3) And now that I have them distracted... IiiiAaa!!! 4) B-but they're just children... On a piggy-back ride!
Page3: 1) You big tricksters! And now, what shall I do with you? 2) Don't tell our mother!... 3) Please!... 4) And what shall I do with this?..,
Page4: 1) Ciri, we've got company! 2) Yes, I can see! 3) This will look great on my hunting shed in Orbus 5! 4) Won't you also take these two TMIs to stuff?
Page5: 1) Easy, ms.Ciri, I didn't come here to rescue you on purpose; my colleague extended her time and your minutes are up... If you want to remain “missing” here, you have to pay extra. 2) Put it on my tab. 3) First, I have to take care of these two cosplayers and their androids... 4) Little brother, compute! 5) Erm... “Android.” Singular. 6) In the meanwhile, tell me, is it normal for that gadget to continue beeping there?... 6) Of course it's not normal, ladies. It means it's about to chance reality. 7) I think it's time that you take things seriously! By the power of this artefact, I'll punish you! 8) This is my new form: Ranger Doggo. 9) Your days of stealing objects from other ages are over now! Come to me, Dogzord!

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