11 novembro 2018

Commissions X / Comissões X – Pastiches

This commission, from the very end of last year, should be vaguely familiar... It shows Claw & Husk, members of Omega Men, that were new creations by Danilo Beyruth and Joe Prado, inspired by Marvel's Wolverine and The Thing, featured in 2017's Dias de Horror/Days of Horror graphic novel, that aimed to homage the comics culture – available for purchase in Amazon.

Este trabalho, feito no final do ano passado, deve parecer vagamente familiar... Mostra Garra e Casca-Dura, membros dos Omega Men, heróis recém-criados por Danilo Beyruth e Joe Prado, inspirados nos populares Wolverine e Coisa, da Marvel, e que figuram na novela gráfica Dias de Horror (2017), que visa celebrar a cultura dos comics americanos – disponível para compra na Amazon.

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